spirits flights

cognac + grand marnier | 0.5 oz / 1 oz pours

Remy Martin Cognac Collection

  • Louis XIII. “A century in a bottle” blended from 1,200 eaux de vie.
  • XO. Rich aromas of honey, gingerbread, dried apricot; slightly spicy.
  • 1738. Created by order of King Louis XV. Notes of vanilla and oak.

Hennessy Cognac Collection

  • Paradis Imperial. Blend of rare eaux de vie. Notes of honey, spice, truffle.
  • XO. Elegant blend of 30 eaux de vie, aged up to 30 years. Hints of oak.
  • VSOP. The first VSOP cognac ever, created in 1817 for the Prince of Wales.

Grand Marnier Cuvée Collection

  • Quintessence. Rare cognacs from the Marnier-Lapostolle private collection.
  • Cuvée 1880. Grand Champagne XOs cognacs aged up to 60 years.
  • Cuvée du Centenaire. XO Cognac aged up to 25 years.

whiskey + whisky + scotch | 0.5 oz / 1 oz pours

Fielding’s Exclusive Private Barrel Selection by Woodford | Kentucky, USA. Bourbon whisky

  • Fielding’s #1. Spicy with dark fruit, complex citrus notes.
  • Fielding’s #2. Wood & sweet aromatics. Notes of honey.
  • Fielding #3. Sweet, nutty, malty.

Suntory Collection | Japan. Whisky

  • Hakushu 10 yr. Single Malt. Fruit, butterscotch, mint. Vibrant finish.
  • Yamazaki 12 yr. Single Malt. Floral, fruit, winter spice. Smooth finish.
  • Hibiki 12 yr. A blend of Yamazaki + Hakushu.

Auchentoshan Collection | Lowland, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 3 Wood. Hazelnut, hints of cinnamon, butterscotch sweetness.
  • 12 yr. Smooth and sweet with hints of tangerine and lime.
  • 21 yr. Ripe gooseberry notes together with sweet vanilla and oak.

Aberlour Collection | Highlands, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 12 yr. Aromas of fig + raisin. Notes of caramel + nuts. Long finish.
  • 16 yr. Aged in oak, then sherry. Floral notes. Spicy sweetness.
  • A'bundah. Sherried whiskey. Notes of chocolate, walnuts, orange.

Bruichladdich Collection | Islay, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • Classic Laddie. Unpeated. Notes of freshly cut wild flowers.
  • Port Charlotte. Heavily peated. Smoky sweetness + marine freshness.
  • Octomore. The world’s most peated scotch. For a brobdingnagian effect.

GlenDronach Collection | Speyside, Scotland

  • 12 yr Smooth and Sweet with fruits like raisins and apple.
  • 18 yr Sweet raisins and spice, with just a hint of a smoky, woody finish.
  • 21 yr Sweet and mellow at start then the wood prevails. Huge wave of licorice.

Glenfiddich Collection | Speyside, Scotland

  • 12 yr Characteristic sweet, fruity notes. Develops into butterscotch, cream, malt and subtle oak.
  • 14 yr Sweet raisins and spice, with just a hint of a smoky, woody finish.
  • 18 yr Richly delivers luxurious dried fruit, candy peel and dates. Overlaid with elegant oak notes.

Glenmorangie Collection | Highlands, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • The Original 10 yr. Citrus, peaches, honey, vanilla notes. Smooth finish.
  • Lasanta 12 yr. Sweet sherry, orange, walnuts, pecans notes. Long finish.
  • Nectar D’Or 10 yr. Ginger, toasted almond notes. Long, luscious + sweet.

The Glenlivet Collection | Speyside, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • The Original 12 yr. Aged in bourbon casks. Smooth w/ pineapple notes.
  • Nadura. Matured in Spanish Oloroso casks. Dried fruits and spices.
  • 18 yr. Aged in American oak and sherry casks. Ripe citrus and winter spice.

Highland Park Collection | Highlands, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 12 yr. Malty notes, subtle floral smoke, hint of sweetness. Long finish.
  • 18 yr. Layers of oak, honeyed malt, dried fruit, lite peat. Soft, long finish.
  • Dark Origins. Medium peat, oak, vanilla, fruit + citrus. Long, subtle finish.

Laphroaig Collection | Islay, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 10 yr. Distilled in the same way for 75 years. Peaty, lingering finish.
  • 18 yr. Limited release. Aged in oak casks. Smokey peat w/ marine notes.
  • Lore. The richest and most peated Laphroiag. Sherry-cask aged.

The Macallan Collection | Speyside, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 12 yr. Vanilla nose, ginger and sherry, lightly peated. Soft finish.
  • 18 yr. Citrus, cinnamon, toffee, light peat. Full lingering finish.
  • Rare cask. 1% of the production. Rich, full, long finish.

Oban Collection | West Highland, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • Distillers Edition. Notes of sweet fruit. Salty and chewy.
  • 14 yr. Fielding’s choice. Rich + smoky. Citrus notes. Smooth finish.
  • 18 yr. Intense, complex. Notes of honey + fruit. Long, smooth finish.

Springbank Collection | Campbeltown, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 12 yr. Sweet vanilla, malt, dry herbs, toffee, apple notes.
  • 15 yr. Notes of sherry, caramel, pineapple, dried leather. Gentle finish.
  • 18 yr. Rich. Notes of strawberries. Chocolate-coconut, smoky finish.

Talisker Collection | Isle of Sky, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 10 yr. Thick, pungent smoke. Peppery-peat and long finish.
  • Storm. Banana, BBQ + citrus. Dry finish w/ chili pepper + oak.
  • 18 yr. Clean + fresh. Calvados + espresso. Long, peppery finish.

Ardbeg Scotch Collection | Islay, Scotland. Single malt whisky

  • 10 yr. Very peaty, with natural sweetness. Long, forward finish.
  • Uigeadail. Heavy peat. Long finish.
  • Corryvreckan. Roasting chicken, pine, and orange. Salty, long finish.

The John Jameson Collection | Ireland. Whiskey

  • John Jameson. The Original. Floral nose. Medium finish.
  • Black Barrel. Small batch release. Tropical fruits, dates, walnuts.
  • Caskmates. Aged in stout barrels. Lingering finish.