Fielding's Luxury Life Products

We are pleased to offer a selection of unique and delightful products alongside our dining experience. All of these can be purchased from your server or bartender, so just ask!


Groix & Nature Lobster Oil

50% OFF! Now $10

By boiling the shell of the lobster down with standard stock vegetables and grape seed oil, Groix and Nature creates their one of a kind Lobster Oil. A true delicacy, a little bit of this oil goes an incredibly long way. Whether you drizzle this Lobster oil over mashed potatoes, sushi, risotto, or even your morning eggs, you will be surprised by the incredible flavor. $20


Le Chatelard Cotton Flower Scented Candle in Metal Tin

50% OFF! Now $9.50

This cotton flower scented candle comes in a metal tin and offers its soothing aroma to your home. $19


Les Confitures a l'Ancienne Love Jam

50% OFF! Now $4.50

Filled with a delicious mix of passion fruit, strawberries, and roses, Love Jam by Les Confitures a l'Ancienne is the perfect jam to show someone you care. Spread this jam onto toast or scones, use it as a filling for a cake, or make heart-shaped thumb print cookies to really display your love. However you use this Love Jam, your taste buds will be grateful and your loved ones will feel appreciated. $9


L'Abeille Occitane Honey Pearls Candy

50% OFF! Now $5

These delicious candies are cooked with all natural honey and various flavors, in a traditional copper cauldron. Great for a quick, sweet treat, pop one of these candies in your mouth and enjoy their tangy lemon taste. Whether you eat them daily, or every once in a while these candies will never let you down!

We have cranberry, lemon, and mint! Try all three! $10


Shrub & Co Grapefruit Shrub

50% OFF! Now $15

Dating back to Colonial days, shrubs are traditionally a combination of fresh fruit, vinegar and sugar, and Shrub & Co. modernizes the method using all organic, California-grown Ruby Red grapefruit, organic white wine vinegar and organic cane sugar. The results are bright and zingy—definitely more tart than sweet—with fresh grapefruit flavors, palate-sweeping acidity and a kiss of sweetness on the finish. And while they’re delicious mixed simply with a glass of seltzer, co-creator Deborah Marskey says they’re also formulated with cocktail mixing in mind. $30


Nina's Paris Fete de Versailles Loose Leaf Tea in Gift Tin

50% OFF! Now $14

This delightful loose leaf black tea is blended with natural aromas of honey and cinnamon, orange pieces, safflower and cornflower, and comes in a distinctive white gift tin. $28


Nina's Paris Je T'aime Loose Leaf Tea Gift Tin

50% OFF! Now $12.50

Say "I love you" with Nina's Je T'aime Gift Tin! This loose leaf ceylon tea is flavored with vanilla and caramel for a cup that tastes like a hug! $25


Nina's Marie Antoinette Loose Leaf Tea Gift Tin

50% OFF! Now $12.50

The famed Queen's tea is a delightful blend of ceylon tea with rose petals and apples from the King's Kitchen Garden at Versailles. This loose leaf tea comes packaged in a beautiful pink gift tin that serves double duty, shielding the tea from harmful light and air to keep it fresh and fit for a queen. $25


Truffle Honey

This beautiful jar is filled with the most amazing truffle honey; you can see the peelings floating right in the jar! As soon as you open the jar, the room is filled with aroma of truffle. This honey Truffle honey is best served on cheese or pastries, or it can be used to glaze a ham or turkey. $32


Muddle & Wilde Mixers

FOUR FLAVORS: Orange Hibiscus Clove, All-Spice Ginger Lime, Jalepeno Lime, Sage Lemon.

Muddle & Wilde are organic, sophisticated mixers that make cocktail making effortlessly delicious. Inspired by worldwide flavors, the mixers are citrus based, use real organic sugar and are infused with herbs, flowers and spices. Wonderful with your favorite spirit or with sparkling water as an aromatic mocktail or sophisticated soda. $16


Reflex Stainless Pump & Grind Mill Set

This elegant salt and pepper grinder is a must-have for any table. This innovative set features Grind Gourmet's Original signature Pump & Grind design for effortless one-handed grinding of salt and pepper. Made with a solid superior stainless steel body, a food-grade acrylic viewing window, red rubber accent, comes with a mess-free stand and free salt and pepper test packets. $50


Fielding's Enfusia Scrub

If you've been to our restrooms at both restaurants you have experienced this amazing hand scrub. Made with raw sugar, shea butter, coconut oil, and essence of Bali fruit. This scrub makes the perfect gift for anyone. $17


Enfusia Handmade Soap Bar

This soap smells amazing and is also made with coconut oil and Bali fruit just like the scrub. $7


Frieling French Press

This is a high-end stainless steel french press coffee brewer. All of the internal parts of this are steel. It is double walled meaning that it is designed to hold heat and it does so very well. $60


Fielding's Private Roast Coffee

Our organic private roast coffee is so delicious. We don't sell anything else in our store. Take home some beans to keep experience exceptional coffee in your own house! $16


Luxardo Cherries

The first Luxardo Maraschino Cherries were produced at the Luxardo plant in Zara around 1905, likely to be the first of their kind in the world. The Luxardo Originai Maraschino Cherries are cherries candied with Marasca syrup, a fruit cultivated and processed by Luxardo for distilling its renowned Maraschino, and for preparing, by infusion, the Cherry liqueur "Sangue Morlacco". $18