The Fielding's Bourbon Menu

Warm your soul with our Fielding's Bourbon Menu. The collection spans from readily available to very hard to find, small batch, single barrel, aged, and anniversary edition bourbons. The list will change over time so keep watching!

Sipping Bourbons

Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 15yr

KY | 53% | 107 PROOF

Taste a rich, supple entry, leading to a decadent, huge, full-bodied palate with intense caramel, toffee and peppery brown spice flavors..

Van Winkle Special Reserve 12yr

KY | 45.2% | 90.4 PROOF

The perfect combination of age and proof, this sweet, full-bodied Kentucky Bourbon has been described by some as “nectar.” Sweet, buttery, and rich

Pappy (Old Rip) van winkle 10yr

KY | 53.5% | 107 PROOF

Old Rip Van Winkle uses corn, wheat, and barley in its reserve product. This uncommon wheated recipe gives the whiskey a softer, sweeter profile with more caramel notes. Fruity, medium-to full-bodied palate.

Eagle Rare 17

KY | 45%|90 proof

This rare bourbon ages in oak barrels for nearly two decades and is only available in small quantities once a year, every fall. Sip this polished, well-aged whiskey to appreciate why patience is such a virtue.

Larceny by Elijah Craig

KY | 46% | 92 proof

Hand selected by the Master Distillers to have a taste profile of a six-year-old Bourbon. Aromas of fresh bread and toffee, buttery caramel and honey taste.

Garrison Brothers

Hye, TX | 47% | 94 proof

The palate has a good amount of burn & toffee sweetness. The finish is moderate with more turpentine and burnt sugars coming through.

Fieldings Woodford Reserve #2

KY | 45.2% | 90.4 proof

Hand-blended by Cary Attar and the master distillers at the Woodford Distillery. Oak, molasses, and caramel mixed with hints of smoke, chocolate and apple.


Chicago, IL | 46.5% | 93 proof

A three-grain recipe that infuses generations of Southern tradition with the spiciness of northern rye and a touch of malt for smoothness. Packed full of toffee, clove, vanilla and warming spice goodness.

Four Roses Small Batch

KY | 50% | 100 proof

Plummy and fruity with lots of character. Tart stone fruits, prunes, spices, morello cherries, cocoa and vanilla. Oak, chocolate, butterscotch finish.

Jefferson’s Ocean, Aged at Sea

KY | 45% | 90 PROOF

Each voyage of Jefferson’s Ocean typically crosses the equator four times, visits five continents and over 30 ports on an average sailing. Black color and caramel flavor with a slight briny, savory taste from the barrels breathing the sea air

Featured Cocktails



Slaughterhouse Straight Edge bourbon, Napa Valley, 84 proof. Noilly Pratt Dry Vermouth. Fresh pressed lemon. Grenadine. Orange bitters. Up.

Kentucky Buck.jpg

Kentucky Buck

Old Forester 1897 Kentucky bourbon Bottled in Bond, 100 proof. Pressed lemon. Strawberry. Cane Syrup. Angostura Bitters. Q Ginger Beer.

Mint Julep.jpg

Classic Mint Julip

Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky bourbon, 101 proof. Fresh Mint. Cane sugar.

john collins.jpg

John Collins Highball

Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon, 90 proof. Fresh pressed Lemon. Q Soda. Luxardo cherry. Orange.


Infused Old Fashioned

Old Forester bourbon 1897 Kentucky bourbon, 100 proof. Hazelnuts. Dried cherries. Shaved orange peel. Angostura + orange bitters.

What is Bourbon

American made whiskey that is distilled from a mash having at least 51 percent corn, the remainder being grains. Popular grains added to a mash include malt, rye, barley, and wheat. Aging must take place in a new, charred oak barrel. The whiskey cannot enter the barrel at higher than 125 proof, and cannot enter the bottle with a proof of less than 80. After aging, and before bottling, only water may be added. Bourbon is America’s only native spirit, declared such by Congress in 1964.


Distilling was most likely brought to present-day Kentucky in the late 18th century by Scots and Scots-Irish. The invention of bourbon is often attributed to Elijah Craig (Larceny & Elijah Craig Bourbon), a Baptist minister and distiller who is said to have been the first to age the product in charred oak casks, a process that gives bourbon its reddish color and distinctive taste.