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lunch + dinner

We're open for lunch and dinner every day, starting with lunch at 11:00am and dinner starting at 5:00pm on weekdays and at 3:00pm on weekends. Join us for your favorite starters, artisan pasta, wood-grilled steaks, and seafood dishes. And save some room for dessert.

get happy

available July 20 to July 26

the black madrid

Bushmills “Black Bush” Irish whiskey (Irish malt whiskey aged in Oloroso Sherry casks), Licor 43 (distilled from fruits and herbs in Spain), phat ice. $8

jordan chardonnay 2015

Inspired by the famous Puligny-Montrachet and Meursault wines of Burgundy. Citrus fruit, soft oak, and a gentle, buttery palate with a long finish. Excellently paired with fresh seafood, poultry, and salads. Russian River, CA | 4oz $10 | 7oz $14 | btl $29

cycler's dom'e'stique wit

Americanized unfiltered Belgian wheat ale brewed with wheat malts, organic oats, and hints of coriander, lavender, and orange peel.

Montgomery, TX | abv 5.0% | ibu 10 | 16 oz | $6


deviled eggs | gf

Romesco. Pancetta. Grana Padano. $8

chick pea fries | vegan

Tomato puree. Rosemary-olive salad. $6

avocado fundido

Garlic sausage. Fontina. Calabrese peppers. Organic chipotle tortilla chips. $14

charred shishito peppers

Gochujang. Sesame seeds + cilantro. $9

cauliflower hummus | gf + vegan

Sliced cucumbers. Chick pea socca. $7

potato bravas

Fried fingerling potatoes. Catalan tomato sauce. Garlic aioli. $6

west coast fried oysters

Nuoc mam sauce. Cilantro. Mint. Lettuce. Crème fraîche. $14

shrimp & sausage gumbo

Andouille sausage. Gumbo filé. Steamed rice $10

coconut butternut squash soup | vegan

Fried plantain. Cashews. $8

truffle risotto

Serrano ham. Grana Padano. Calabrese peppers. Parsley. $18


Chicken + Serrano. Peperonata. Piquillo aioli. $9

pulpo | gf

Navy beans. Romesco sauce. Spanish chorizo. Grapefruit. Young onions. $22

goat cheese | gf

Charred avocado. Evoo. Micro radish. Fennel crackers. $12

house salumi + cheese selection

Spicy pickled carrots. Onion marmalade. Artisanal bread. $22



Spaghetti. Hand-cut Bolognese. Orange zest. $14

chicken pappardelle

Black garlic. Alfredo sauce. Grana Padano. $18

winter squash ravioli

Lemon crème fraîche. Almond crumble. Black pasta. Chives. $18

lobster mac + cheese

Lobster. Pangrattato bread crumbs. Manchego + Comté cheese. Pancetta. French beans. $34

spaghetti diabolique | gf

Spicy marinara. Shrimp. Jalapeños. Roasted garlic. (hot) $19



House bacon. Crème fraiche. Onions. Leeks. $15


Paula Lambert fresh mozzarella. Marinara sauce. Basil. Evoo. $14

mushroom truffle

Crème fraîche. Shiitake. Spinach. Truffle oil. Pecorino. $18

fig + blue

Fig jam. Gorgonzola. Serrano ham. Hazelnuts. $17


Calabrese peppers. Ricotta. $16


chopped cobb | gf

House bacon. Sliced chicken breast. Romaine. Eggs. Gorgonzola. Tomatoes. Avocado. Colinas De Garzón EVOO & balsamico. $17


Roasted butternut squash. Dry apricots. Toasted hazelnuts. Radishes. Jicama. Miso dressing. $12

caesar salad

Romaine. Grilled ciabatta crouton. Grana Padano. Spanish anchovies. $10

beet & feta salad | gf

Arugula. French green beans. Spring onions. Navy beans, Romesco. Sherry vinegar. Toasted almonds $12

bib lettuce

Serrano ham. Scallions. Manchego. Pears. A.O.C Roquefort blue cheese. $12

small green salad | gf

Mesclun. Balsamic vinaigrette. Black sesame seed crumble. $7

>> Salad upgrades: shrimp $9; steak $10; salmon $15; chicken $6; blue crab $12


crab club

House bacon. Avocado. Garlic aioli. Radish sprouts. Pain de mie. Fries. $18

chicken cubano

Ham. Comté cheese. Dijon. Candied jalapeños. Ciabatta. Fries. $16

pressed grilled cheese

Oven-dried tomatoes. Butter. Pecorino + Vermont Cheddar. Fries. $12

sirloin tips

Caramelized onions. Romesco. Manchego. Brioche. Fries. $16

local burger | gf

Cassis mustard. Grafton cheddar. Oven-dried tomatoes. Lettuce. Brioche. Fries. $15

texas blues burger | gf

Fig jam. Lettuce. Pickled red onion. House bacon. Fresh jalapeños. Blue cheese. Brioche. Fries. $17

>> Upgrade: Sub Fries with Salad: $3


diver scallops | gf

Truffle polenta. Leeks julienne. Apple cider essence. $32

44 farms pot roast

Hazelnut Mole. Steamed rice. Navy beans. Cilantro. Mojo verde. Flour tortillas. $23

pan roasted chicken breast

Winter squash. Cipollini onions. Young carrots. Black garlic. Sour mustard sauce. Fresh herbs. $25

sustainable blackened Idaho trout

Verjus Beurre blanc. 50/50 potatoes. Roasted Broccoli. Hazelnut oil+Dashi. $26

spring lamb coconut curry

Red pepper pappardelle. Asparagus. Young carrots. Cauliflower. Micro cilantro. $24

salmon ramen

Bay of Fundy Salmon. Miso broth. Shitake. Ramen noodles. Cashew. Cucumbers. Avocado. Butter radishes. Cilantro. $28

thai vegetable curry | gf + vegan

Carrots. Cauliflower. Broccoli. Potatoes. Onions. Mushrooms. Coconut milk. Steamed rice. Cilantro & Mint. Cashew. $18

texas steak house

cab filet texas 12oz | gf

Texas Certified Angus Beef. 12oz, $49

cab filet texas 8oz | gf

Texas Certified Angus Beef. 8oz, $39

44 farms filet | gf

44 Farms 100% Black Angus Natural Beef. 6oz, $36

44 farms prime dry aged ribeye | gf

44 Farms 100% Black Angus Natural Beef. 12oz, $59

cab prime ribeye

Texas Certified Angus Beef. 16oz, $52

44 farms sirloin | gf

44 Farms 100% Black Angus Natural Beef. 10oz, $19

>> Add to any steak: Shrimp $9; Maine lobster $16; Lump blue crab $12; Fried oysters $10


  • Gorgonzola demi $2
  • Chimichurri | gf $2
  • White truffle parmesan butter $3
  • Garlic chipotle cilantro butter $2


  • Truffle polenta $8
  • 50/50 potatoes $8
  • Brown butter cremini mush $9
  • Roasted broccoli $7
  • Skinny fries $5
  • Truffle parmesan butter noodles $8
  • Plancha asparagus $8
  • Creamed spinach $7
  • Tuscan navy beans $8
  • Garlic chipotle french green beans $8


poached pear | vegan

Coconut Caramel fudge glaze. Peanut brittle. $6

chocolate brownie buttons

Vanilla milk. $7

chocolate sticky toffee pudding

Maple butterscotch. Pistachio gelato. $8

southern pecan pie

Nutella sauce. Hazelnut gelato. $9

apple brioche bread pudding

Cinnamon spices custard. $7

gelato + sorbet

>> Gelato: Vanilla, Hazelnut praline, Pistachio, Caramel sea salt >>Sorbets: Strawberry, Cocoa, Raspberry granitè

$2 per scoop

boozy coffee

french coffee

Grand Marnier liqueur. Fielding’s organic coffee. Crème Chantilly. $10

irish gaelic coffee

Jameson Irish Whiskey. Bailey’s Irish Cream. Whipped cream. Fielding’s organic coffee. Crème de Menthe drizzle. $10

spanish coffee

Fielding’s organic coffee. Kahlua. Amaretto. Whipped cream. Cinnamon. $10

snow cap

Stolichnaya Vanil Vodka. Frangelico. Fielding’s cold brew Nitro coffee. $12

Looking for our list of dessert wines and digestifs? Click here.

coffee + tea

  • free trade organic french press coffee $7.5
  • cold brew Nitro coffee $5
  • espresso $3.5
  • cappuccino $4.5
  • latte $4.5
  • americano $3.5

Our organic free trade beans are hand selected by Chris George and small-batch roasted to our precise specifications.

> Ask for our Private Label coffee and espresso available for purchase.

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  • Monday - Tuesday: 11 AM - 9 PM
  • Wednesday - Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM
  • Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 11 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM - 9 PM

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