We serve brunch on Saturday from 11am to 3pm and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. Join us for your favorite eggs, plates, skillets and features. Dinner starts at 3pm.

sweet + lite

house vanilla yogurt

Honey. Blueberries. Dates. Almonds. $7


Chantilly + vanilla custard. $8

sugar bun st. tropez

Vanilla pastry cream. $5

liege waffle

Whipped cream. $9

cream cheese lemon pancakes

Maple syrup. Apple butter. $8

> Add blueberries $2 / Add chocolate $2


deviled eggs | gf

Romesco. Pancetta. Grana Padano. $8

avocado fundido

Garlic sausage. Fontina. Calabrese peppers. Organic chipotle tortilla chips. $14

goat cheese | gf

Charred avocado. Evoo. Micro radish. Fennel crackers. $12

shrimp & sausage gumbo

Andouille sausage. Gumbo filé. Steamed rice $10

coconut butternut squash soup | vegan

Fried plantain. Cashews. $8

eggs + more

chicken & waffle

Fried egg. Ivory BBQ sauce. Maple syrup. $20

brioche egg & bacon melt

Vermont cheddar. Scrambled egg. Caramelized onions. Breakfast potatoes. $12

sirloin english breakfast

Eggs your way. Garlic sausage. House bacon. Baked black beans. Grilled tomato. English muffin. $24

poached eggs meurette

Mushroom. Bacon lardons. Caramelized cipollini onions. Peasant toast. Burgundy Pinot sauce. $14

desayuno chapin | gf

Two eggs. Platano y crema. Baked black beans. Arepas. Salsa criolla. $11

eggs + bacon | gf

Eggs your way. Potato. Toast. $9

eggs benedict | gf

Jambon de Paris. English muffin. Hollandaise. $14

pot roast hash

Hash. Fried egg. Mole. Avocado. Cheddar. Mojo Verde. Flour Tortillas. $22

turtle french toast

Sea salt caramel. Melted chocolate. Toasted pecans. $10

ham & swiss french toast

Ham. Swiss Cheese. $16

crab + fingerling potato frittata | gf

Serrano ham. Piquillos. Manchego. Romesco. $16

cheese + chives omelet | gf

Cheddar. Butter. Toast. $9

mushroom omelet | gf

Toast. $10

goat cheese omelet | gf

Spinach + garlic sausage. Toast. $10


chopped cobb | gf

House bacon. Sliced chicken breast. Romaine. Eggs. Gorgonzola. Tomatoes. Avocado. Colinas De Garzón EVOO & balsamico. $17

beet & feta salad | gf

Arugula. French green beans. Spring onions. Navy beans, Romesco. Sherry vinegar. Toasted almonds $12


Roasted butternut squash. Dry apricots. Toasted hazelnuts. Radishes. Jicama. Miso dressing. $12

bib lettuce

Serrano ham. Scallions. Manchego. Pears. A.O.C Roquefort blue cheese. $12

caesar salad

Romaine. Grilled ciabatta crouton. Grana Padano. Spanish anchovies. $10

small green salad | gf

Mesclun. Balsamic vinaigrette. Black sesame seed crumble. $7


crab club

House bacon. Avocado. Garlic aioli. Radish sprouts. Pain de mie. Fries. $18

pressed grilled cheese

Oven-dried tomatoes. Butter. Pecorino + Vermont Cheddar. Fries. $12

local burger | gf

Cassis mustard. Grafton cheddar. Oven-dried tomatoes. Lettuce. Brioche. Fries. $15

texas blues burger | gf

Fig jam. Lettuce. Pickled red onion. House bacon. Fresh jalapeños. Blue cheese. Brioche. Fries. $17


spaghetti diabolique | gf

Spicy marinara. Shrimp. Jalapeños. Roasted garlic. (hot) $19

lobster mac + cheese

Lobster. Pangrattato bread crumbs. Manchego + Comté cheese. Pancetta. French beans. $34



House bacon. Crème fraiche. Onions. Leeks. $15


Paula Lambert fresh mozzarella. Marinara sauce. Basil. Evoo. $14

mushroom truffle

Crème fraîche. Shiitake. Spinach. Truffle oil. Pecorino. $18

fig + blue

Fig jam. Gorgonzola. Serrano ham. Hazelnuts. $17


Calabrese peppers. Ricotta. $16


  • House made bacon $3
  • House made garlic sausage $3
  • Texas toast. Jam+butter $1.50
  • English muffins. Jam+butter $1.50
  • Parsleyed potatoes $3
  • Arepas $2


poached pear | vegan

Coconut Caramel fudge glaze. Peanut brittle. $6

chocolate brownie buttons

Vanilla milk. $7

chocolate sticky toffee pudding

Maple butterscotch. Pistachio gelato. $8

southern pecan pie

Nutella sauce. Hazelnut gelato. $9

apple brioche bread pudding

Cinnamon spices custard. $7

gelato + sorbet

>> Gelato: Vanilla, Hazelnut praline, Pistachio, Caramel sea salt >>Sorbets: Strawberry, Cocoa, Raspberry granitè

$2 per scoop

  • Hours of operation
  • Monday - Tuesday: 11 AM - 9 PM
  • Wednesday - Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM
  • Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 11 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM - 9 PM

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